Why we Created Social Amp Australia

We want to make Influencer marketing accessible to all Brands, regardless of your marketing budget. Whether you’re a small business offering your service or product in exchange for social media activity, an established Brand looking for premium Influencers to become your Brand ambassadors or a PR or Media Agency running multiple social media campaigns across various Brands, we can provide a cost effective solution.

Our model is completely unique and transparent because we understand the Influencer landscape can be fragmented, cluttered and bias. We are an open and impartial Influencer network working with independent and agency-represented Influencers, to ensure we only recommend Influencer's that perfectly reflect your Brand’s marketing strategy.


Save Time Seeking

It’s time consuming to reach out to Influencers one by one. Submit your campaign brief online and let our team reach out to suitable Influencers within and outside our community.

Offer Payment, Product or Service

You set the campaign parameters and determine how to pay for each Influencer’s post. Provide Influencers payment, or offer products or services in exchange for posts.

Only Premium Influencers

Each time an Influencer responds to your brief, our team will check the quality and suitability of each Influencer before sending across their profile.

Speak to Influencers Directly

You control the terms, payment and the opportunity to establish a long term relationship. Select the Influencers you want to work with and contact them directly outside our platform.

We Provide Analytics

Once your campaign has finished, our team will collate the post campaign insights for your convenience and send you a consolidated report.

Save Money

Our model is simple. Pay a flat rate to submit your campaign brief, even if your advertising spend increases, our flat rate to submit a campaign remains the same.


Influencer we Work With

We have access to over 1,500 Premium Influencers across various platforms and categories. Contact us to find out how you can leverage our relationship to spread your campaign message to ensure you reach your ideal consumers.

How It Works

Whether you're looking for Influencers to promote your product, service or online content, we can help identify the Influencer's that perfectly reflect your Brand’s marketing strategy.


We work together to develop a campaign strategy to ensure we focus on Influencers that best reflect your Brand’s marketing message


Using BAXTER ® we’ll identify the most suitable Influencers, independent and agency represented


Once expressions of interests have been received, we’ll provide an unbiased shortlist of Influencers


Select the Influencers you want to collaborate with and contact them directly outside our platform (@tessbegg)

Find Influencers

Digital Influencers

Join our community to be notified of premium opportunities as they become available. We can help you grow your brand and take control of your earnings by collaborating with some of Australia’s top Brands. Leverage your talent and social following to help Brands spread their message.

More Opportunities

Gain access and exposure to interesting opportunities including ambassadorships, product or service reviews and other premium campaigns.

Total Freedom

Have total freedom to work with who you want. Tell us the type of opportunities that interest you and we'll notify you when they become available.

Control Your Earnings

Social Amp is completely free for Influencers. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Simply join our community and tell us what you're looking for.

Collaboration Hub

Collaborate with like minded Influencers that reflect your style and interests. Leverage each others following and help each other grow!